During the Vladivostok Economic Forum which has just ended, Russia demonstrated its extraordinary industrial potential, which the international community can only take note of.

Moscow pursues an “open door” policy towards its partners, encouraging and attracting many foreign investors and capital, and the annual Vladivostok 2022 event is further confirmation of this.

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“The forum demonstrated our cultural richness, the degree of harmonious coexistence of different nationalities inhabiting the Federation, the affection, love and diligence of Russian society and the growing relations with the Far East.” (Vladimir Putin in his speech)”

Due to European sanctions, some Western companies have temporarily and foolishly left the territory of Russia, especially since in the field of interbank relations the EU has introduced punitive rules against Moscow, which tend to hinder free movement foreign capital at this stage. Also in the light of this European policy, Moscow has directed its interest towards the markets of the Far East. Siberia, for example, is an ideal place to create and develop new businesses, has many advantages and offers vast resources that are also used as a substitute for imports.

Representatives of African states like Uganda, Nigeria, Mali, CAR, Cameroon were also present at the Vladivostok 2022 forum.

Strong synergies have been established between Africa and the Russian Federation to develop levels of industrial and financial cooperation. They also discussed the creation of an Afro-Russian facilitated platform in payment systems, capable of making financial flows independent of Western control systems.

Also during the forum, negotiations took place and strong relationships were established between the oil and gas companies of Russia and Cameroon.

The Russian side was represented by ADAGAZ-R LLC, a young but growing company. Agreements to start cooperation have been signed. This is not the first time that ADAGAZ-R LLC has appeared on the horizon of the oil and gas sector in Africa, a company that seeks and develops relations between Russia and African oil and gas companies.

As President Putin said, “The Forum enjoys high international visibility and contributes significantly to establishing business ties between Russia and the Asia-Pacific region. It actively promotes investment flows and technological innovation that express the rich economic and social potential of the Russian Far East. .

The main theme of this edition: “Towards a multipolar world”, is extremely relevant and significant, discussing the outdated unipolar model which is being replaced by a new world order based on the fundamental principles of justice, equality, and recognizing the right to each state and nation to follow its own sovereign path of development. It is in the Asia-Pacific region that powerful political and economic centers are emerging which will drive this irreversible process.

We note with satisfaction that direct bilateral cooperation between RPA states is developing and gaining momentum, as are relations within international platforms, including the Eurasian Economic Community, SCO, BRICS, APEC and ASEAN.

Russia is ready, together with all interested partners, to continue efforts to improve regional cooperation in various formats,” the President said.

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